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Tile Roof Services

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There are three major types of tiles used for roofing, Sand Cast, Clay and Concrete. Each have a different look, cost and maintenance issues which we will detail below.

The average lifespan of a tile roof in Arizona is 18-22 years.  When a tile roof needs to be replaced professionals call this an R&R which is shorthand for removing the existing tiles and replacing the underlayment. The underlayment is a major function of a tile roof. Once this underlayment becomes torn the roof will leak. Regular maintenance on a tile roof will help extend the life of the roof.

The roof installation process regardless of the type of tile you have is basically the same. The old tile is removed and stacked for reuse any broken tiles are thrown away. The underlayment is removed, the wood deck is checked for rot, cleaned and prepped. New underlayment is installed, batten strips are installed and the tile is put back on.

Below we go over some of the details on each type of tile roof.

Sand Cast tiles are the most expensive and by far the most fragile type of roof tiles. You definitely do not want to have anyone walking on this type of tile as they will easily break and they are hard to replace. They have become hard to find because they are handmade in Mexico. They are formed on a persons thigh and then laid in the sun for an extended period of time. When installing a Sand Cast tile roof you have the option of chinking, adding concrete mud, between the tiles, at the bottom or at a top junction. This adds an amazing look to the roof that you can not get with any other type of tile roof.

Sand Cast tiles are usually not reusable because of how fragile they are. This is not a roof you want anyone walking on because of how easily they are broken. This makes any repairs very hard.

Most tiles are made from concrete making them very durable and reusable! They come in a variety of colors and shapes are easy to install and replace if any get broken. Concrete tiles are made by different manufactures in different styles and colors. They can be discontinued or hard to find so keeping a few dozen around is always a good idea.

Clay tiles are few and far between. They are not as delicate as Sand Cast tiles but are still fragile. It is not recommended that you let anyone other then a professional roofer walk on them. Clay tiles usually have a mud cap at the top of a row of tiles to secure and add a decorative element.

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