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At Dry Plus Roofing this is our specialty! We have extensive experience in finding and repairing those pesky leaks and problems. No leak is to small and we don’t have a minimum charge. A roof leak can star off small, grow larger damaging your ceiling, paint and drywall. This can cause extensive internal and external damage including the wood decking of your entire roofing system.

We can seal existing A/C & cooler units, penetrations on a flat, tile or shingle roofs, reflash and reseal chimneys and stucco walls. And Much Much More!

The longer you wait to get a leak fixed the more damage it will do and the more expensive it will be to fix.

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Roof Repair Types

While the roof is designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear, and protect your interiors from outdoor weather conditions, it can develop problems over time. These problems often lead to water damage, leaks, compromised structural integrity, etc. which can cause extensive damage to the interiors of your property as well. At Dry Plus Roofing, we know how to identify and repair these problems before they have a chance to harm your property further.

A roof is subjected to constant wear and tear so no matter how well-built it is, it will develop problems down the line. Here’s a short introduction to different types of roof repairs:

Leakage and water damage caused by the leakage is one of the most common roof problems. The most obvious signs of roof leakage are spots of water damage, ice dam formation, and visible pools of water under the roof. An experienced roof repair professional will carefully determine the root cause of the damage before they recommend and implement repairs.

The gutter is an important feature of the roof’s drainage system, but it’s also the most vulnerable. Gutters can become damaged easily due to poor maintenance, harsh weather conditions, and other such factors. If the gutter is damaged or become misaligned, our repair technicians will inspect the damage carefully and determine what they need to do in order to eliminate the problem completely.

Gutters can become clogged and cause water damage, ice dams, and stall the roof drainage systems. They’re more likely to become clogged during autumn when dried leaves fall on the roof surface. The leaves clog the gutter and the downspout and compromise the drainage completely. It’s important to clear all the debris and sort through the material to determine if there are any shingle granules.

If the repair experts find any shingle granules in the gutters or spot problems like cracks, moss, and stains, etc. they’ll inspect the entire roof to determine its condition. Based on their inspection, they will recommend repairs or complete replacements. You can replace small sections of the roof at a low cost so you don’t need to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.

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