Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Most things need maintenance including your roof. It will only last for a long time if you maintain it well and address all problems quickly. At Dry Plus Roofing, we encourage our customers to get the roof inspected and maintained every year.  

Roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof.

All types of roofing systems need maintenance.

With periodic high winds and Monsoon rains checking to make sure all aspects of the roof are secure and functioning properly is essential. This will maintain the integrity of the roofing system and prevent leaks from starting.

A roof is designed to be resilient and durable. It can withstand all kinds of Phoenix weather conditions like sun, heat and Monsoons, before it needs to be replaced. However, the roof will only last for a long time if you maintain it well and ensure all problems are addressed quickly. At Dry Plus Roofing, we encourage our customers to get the roof inspected and maintained every year.  

The type of maintenance depends on the roof system you have but all roofs need some.

Sometimes a small thing like a single nail can cause a pesky leak. Other times damage is  hidden under roof tiles, every roof is different. But all require someone who knows what to look for to find both current and potential problems.

Roof maintenance should be meticulous and thorough because small and unchecked problems can eventually grow to become huge. Regular maintenance not only stops any issues now, it will save you money on a larger repair and help extend the life of your roof.

Debris that is left on the roof can accumulate fast and it can cause considerable amount of damage to a roof.  It can get under tile damaging the underlayment, it can cause water to stay on a flat roof and it can damage shingles.

Debris prevents the water from flowing off the roof properly. It can also leave material for unwanted critters to make homes in.

The roof surface should be kept free from leaves and other debris to preserve the integrity of the roof system and keep the roof water tight.

Scuppers and drains should be cleaned regularly in order to carry water off of the roof. These clogs can happen due to debris build up from leaves, pine needles, granular shedding from shingles or modified roof material.

A flat modified roof or built up roof can be coated to help reflect the sun and heat off of the roof which will help extend its life.

Bathroom & kitchen vents and a/c unit’s are examples of roof penetrations. These crack over time and will cause the roof to leak. This is a common cause of roof leaks and are easy and cost effective to fix. Depending on the damage, type of roof system and materials used before, we have a variety of options for fixing the leak with lasting results.

A foam roof is unique, it is a type of flat roof system that requires a elastomeric coating to be applied about every 5 years. If this is not done the foam being exposed to the UV rays of the sun will disintegrate, turn to dust and blow away.

Here are a few easy things a homeowner can do to help maintain their roof.

  • Trim back any overhanging trees off the roof. This will help keep debris off the roof. I will also keep critters from getting on the roof where they can cause a lot of damage and could use a roof penetration to get inside your home.
  • If you have a foam roof check it every year to make sure the elastomeric coating is in good condition and that there are no holes in the foam.
  • Check your tile roof to make sure there are no missing tiles. Also check for any slipped tiles because they can cause the underlayment to tear making the roof leak.
  • Keep scuppers & gutters clean so water doesn’t back up on the roof.